Preproduction On Narrative Videos

(Cinematic Lighting Lesson 25)

Summary: Preproduction can take different forms based on the type of project you are preparing for. In this video Ryan gives you an inside look at his pre-production process for the short film “Oh Danny Boy.”

Length: 6:42 minutes


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When it comes to shooting any kind of narrative work, whether it’s a short film or a feature, a lot of the pre-production process is similar to what you’ll experience on a commercial or a corporate video. But narrative work does bring with it its own unique challenges. In this video I’ll share with you the pre-production process that we went through when we shot our short “Oh Danny Boy.” I’ll share with you the challenges that we faced and how we prepared for the day of the shoot.

The Script, The Team, & The Location Scout

Discussing Script and Location with Director (LC125)
As we mentioned in our general pre-production lesson the first part of the process is understanding the script inside and out. After Tim and I read through the script, we found a kitchen that fit for the look and the feel that he wanted. We traveled to the location to talk over the script, discuss the look and feel as well as the blocking. Having this meeting at the location saved us a lot of time because we could immediately see if our blocking and lighting ideas worked for this location. The potential downfall was that if the location didn’t work…

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Tools We Used

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