Gear Suggestions for Vloggers

Vlogger /vlägr/: One who creates video blogs

Blog /bläg/: Short for web log

We often are asked by vloggers what gear to buy and use. They tend to want low cost, easy to use tools to get them up and running with their video productions. Their set-ups are often barebones since they only need enough gear to light and film their face and torso as they talk about their topics of interest.

Here is a short list of some inexpensive versions of the set-gear we use. We included low, medium, and high versions for comparison and to get an idea of the price range.


Important features:

  • Option for manual focus
  • Option for manual exposure
  • Microphone input jack
  • Takes external media such as SD cards
  • LCD Screen

Audio Gear

Some lavalier microphones to get clean audio for your video. These mics should be placed 4″-6″ from you mouth.

Rode LAVALIER Condenser Microphone, Omni ($249)
 (Must also buy Rode MiCon-2 adapter to use with most cameras)

Rode MiCon-2 Connector for 3.5mm ($20)
 (Plug adapter for the Rode Omni Lavalier)


A sturdy, reliable place to secure your camera.


Without light, you’re basically making a radio program. (“Podcasts” for you hip youth.) So let’s shed some light on the situation.

Accoutrements, Accessories, AKS, Other Stuff…

For all of you who want a few extras… These small items can make life a lot easier.

PBL Sandbags, empty ($26 for 4)
Great for making sure stands don’t tip over. Also can be used as a modified tripod for low shots.

“C47” (Clothespins) ($9 for 100)
(The list wouldn’t be complete without these ubiquitous set-tools. Here is an explanation of the name C47.)