12 Crucial Questions Before Lighting Your Set

(Cinematic Lighting Lesson 15)

Summary: Cinematic images require preparation. In this video Ryan covers the 12 crucial questions to ask before you begin lighting your set.

Length: 6:48 minutes

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  1. oscargoldman
    oscargoldman says:

    Nice. I’m wondering though: When discussing the balance of light between inside and outside, why is there no mention of using gels on the windows, instead of throwing more light at the interior? The example should would seem to be a good candidate for that.

    • Tim
      Tim says:

      Good eye!

      We actually do cover this issue in more detail in another lesson, “Three Strategies For Lighting A Day Interior” (Cinematic Lighting Lesson 10). Since that lesson is for members, I’ve copy and pasted that paragraph here:

      “If you do gel the window, just be aware of three potential problems. First off, it takes a while to gel a window correctly. Second, it can create additional reflections that become visible in the shot. Lastly, if it is done on the outside of the window and there is wind, it can make a rustling sound and interfere with the audio being recorded.”

  2. Ahmedsalem
    Ahmedsalem says:

    Very nice tips, really the point about lighting the start and end point and keeping some black pools during the blocking is very awesome, I think if it be covered in a long duration tutorial we see it with blocking it will become wonderful , Another idea came to my mind if you create some tutorials by using redhead fixtures it will be great because it is cheap and easy to rent and try


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