Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Downloads

To control access to our downloadable material — videos, pdfs, eBooks, etc — we use links that expire after a set amount of time.

Digital Watermark

Each download is digitally watermarked so that if it is shared, we can trace it back to who originally downloaded the file. We hate to have to do this, but sadly we also know that piracy exists in our world.


Indie Cinema Academy retains the rights to all downloaded material. Those who have our permission to download files (via paid memberships and at times for free) are simply borrowing it from us. As such, the material can not be copied, reused, repurposed, altered, spliced, diced, or used to clean up spilt milk without Indie Cinema Academy’s written permission.

“The Clock”

The “clock starts” when the page first loads, NOT when the link is clicked. As a result, it is best to download the file soon after arriving on the page.

The clock resets when you refresh/reload the page. So you shouldn’t feel you need to rush and download the file the first time you visit a page. Simply refresh/reload the page when you are ready to download the file, or come back to the page later when you are ready for the download.

Slower Connections

If you are on a slow connection, please realize that the amount of time it takes to fully download the file is included in the link expiration time. This means that if it takes you 30 minutes to download a file, and you only have 20 minutes left until the link expires, you won’t be able to download the file.

We have set the expiration times so that you should have no problem downloading the files on all modern connections. However, if you are having difficulty or are on a very slow connection, please let us know: