5 Essential Strategies To Lighting Day Exteriors

(Cinematic Lighting Lesson 12)

Summary: Day exteriors can feel intimidating to light, but it doesn’t have to be. In this video, Ryan shares with you five essential strategies that will set you up for success on all of your day exterior shoots.

Length: 8:54 minutes

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  1. Brandon_Y_Lee
    Brandon_Y_Lee says:

    Hey Ryan, Great video thank you very much!

    I am curious inparticular with those black floppys you used in this video since they are paired with your DIY frames, did you make those yourself or did you purchase them made already with all the velcro ties and corner straps for the frame? Been needing something exactly like it since I built my own frames. 🙂

    • Tim
      Tim says:

      Hey Brandon,

      These pre-made floppies are meant for other frames, but they work on our DIY 1″ square tube frames. The floppies come with elastic on the corners and Velcro along the edges. The Velcro isn’t much help because our tubes are bigger than they can fully reach. But they definitely do the job. I’m not sure of the brand; Ryan bought them years ago. I looked around at various supply stores, but couldn’t find the exact type we use.

    • Tim
      Tim says:

      It actually isn’t ARRI, but a knock-off of ARRI from Queenshiny. We bought their 1.2 kW and 575W HMIs over a year ago to see if they were adequate so we could recommend less expensive options to members. These lights work great. (Well, after we fixed the power cord on one and the power switch on the other. Always good to be knowledgeable with electronics in this industry!) We also figured that if the bulbs didn’t produce decent color quality, we could always buy ARRI brand bulbs and use those. So far we haven’t had to.

      Just checked and they are currently only selling the 575W version. Best to buy well ahead of when you need it since it takes a month to ship to the United States since it’s coming from Asia.

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