Data Management in Film

Part 09: Data Management

Part 09: Data Management In todays digital world it is crucial to properly manage all those “1’s” and “0’s” that are generated by the camera. If even one “0” goes missing, it could corrupt the entire file resulting in a lost take, or worst yet the entire contents of the card. To make sure every […]

Building a Rainbar for Film

Part 08: Building A Rain Bar

Part 08: Building A Rain Bar It is all of the little details in an image that add up to make it standout, and give it that polished and professional feel. In part 08 of our series on bringing a cinematic look to our productions, we reveal how we did just that by adding rain […]

Cinematic Commercials & Small Budgets: Camera Tests

Part 07: Conducting A Camera Test

Part 07: Conducting A Camera Test Now that we have all of our planning, and scheduling done, we can just go out and shoot our project, right? Not quite. Before we head to set and press record, we do our due diligence to conduct a camera test so that we can illuminate any potential unforeseen […]