3 Strategies for Lighting Your Night Exteriors

(Cinematic Lighting Lesson 14)

Summary: Lighting a night exterior may sound intimidating to some, but it’s actually a lot of fun since you can control so many elements. In this video Ryan gives you three strategies for lighting your night exterior and then shares five tricks he’s learned over the year to making your night exteriors really pop.

Length: 5:55 minutes

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6 replies
  1. Ahmedsalem
    Ahmedsalem says:

    Very great stuff, just I think every point in this post deserve to be in a separate tutorial, especially firelight, but really what I suggest as new member ( I do not if I have this right or not ), is to show the rigging and flagging process because this the most important for us

    • Tim
      Tim says:

      Yes, there are so many elements used in filming, and each element deserves its own lesson on how we did it. It will take time to film every little piece, but it is something we really want to give our members. So stay tuned!


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