What Type of Lens Should I Use? SLR vs. Cinema (Camera Lesson 09)

Summary: Ryan covers the differences between Cinema and SLR lenses and reveals the strengths of each type of lens.

Length: 4:08 minutes

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4 replies
  1. Rich49er
    Rich49er says:

    Do you have any experience with the Samyang 85 mm T1.5 AS IF UMC II VD SLR lens? At £269 it looks like a decent starting off point for me.

  2. rtfilms
    rtfilms says:

    great information! I was curious if you have any experience working with Xeen lenses? I believe they are produced by Rokinon as well.

    • Tim
      Tim says:

      We have not worked with Xeen lenses very much, but we are very impressed with them. If you have the chance to use them for a project, definitely get them! They aren’t cheap, but at the same time you get a lot for that price too.


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