Golden & Silver Rules of Filtration

Summary: Ryan covers the Golden and Silver Rules of camera filtration: test everything and make changes in small increments.

Length: 4:17 minutes

Video Lesson

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In this video I’m going to cover the two rules of camera filtration: the Golden Rule and the Silver Rule.

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule of camera filtration is to always test. Never take my word for it, someone else word for it, or even the filter manufactures word for it. The reason why you need to test it out for yourself is that there are a number of factors that influence the end results.

Sensor Variables on Digital Video Cameras

The first variable is the cameras sensor. Every camera manufacturer has their own way of recording and processing their image, so they see the scene differently. What works on one camera may not work as well on another.

Prime Lens Example

Zoom Lens Example

What lenses you choose to use can also affect the final results as lenses all have their own way of rendering the scene, which contributes to the final look. You can get different results based off of…

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