Five Questions When Choosing A Camera (Camera Lesson 13)

Summary: Ryan reveals the 5 questions you should ask when choosing a camera system for a project.

Length: 4:55 minutes

Video Lesson

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If we were to buy into the marketing hype that camera manufactures shove down our throats, it would be easy to think that there actually is a best camera out there. Fortunately for us, that is not true. Every camera has its place – they are all just tools that we use to craft our images. Any camera can be the right choice or the wrong choice for a project. The trick is getting beyond the hype, and critically evaluating your needs and your budget. If you want to be able to choose the best camera, then it begins by working with the end in mind.

In this video I’ll give you the 5 questions you should be asking when it comes time to choose a camera for your particular project.…

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