Circle of Confusion Simplified (Camera Lesson 05)

Summary: Ryan explains the circle of confusion and shows you why it matters in filmmaking.

Length: 5:59 minutes

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7 replies
    • Ryan E. Walters
      Ryan E. Walters says:

      Thanks- I’m glad you like it. I’ll look into expanding this video in the future – I appreciate the suggestion. Right now I’m working on getting the rest of the videos in the Camera Foundations done. 🙂

  1. kinopasha
    kinopasha says:

    Great explanation, Ryan! As for the ways to correct the insufficiency of DoF, I’ve heard someone suggesting to focus in between subjects, which ties nicely with the subject of the vid.

    • Ryan E. Walters
      Ryan E. Walters says:

      Thanks. 🙂 Yep focusing in-between the subjects is another good way to solve the problem. The only catch with that, is that you now have to keep a close eye on two people- as they both now have a greater chance of going more out of focus. But as long as they don’t move a whole lot- that can be a great solution as well. Thanks for suggesting it. 🙂

  2. Rich49er
    Rich49er says:

    I don’t understand the bit about the circles of confusion becoming smaller on a larger screen. Surely if the screen gets larger the circle of confusion would be easier to spot and be larger because everything else is larger, for example the characters or background.

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