Camera Exercise #1: Test Drive Your Camera

Summary: Ryan gives you a filmmaking exercise to help you to better understand your camera, terms covered in previous videos, and help prepare you for the next videos.

Length: 3:08 minutes


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4 replies
  1. Filmmaker1979
    Filmmaker1979 says:

    Hi Ryan,
    great exercise to work on. I will definitely do this. i´m almost pretty deep into camera and editing work but a critical look over can´t be wrong at all.

    With kind regards

    Tariq Alexander / Germany,Hannover

  2. Ahmedsalem
    Ahmedsalem says:

    Hi Very cool stuff
    Just i have a question may explain to me these terms fast slow , smooth textured with some photo examples even you can add some links to envision it .
    Another demand how you will be able to see the metadata for any photo ?

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