Beyond The Basics (Overview) (Camera Lesson 00)

Summary: Overview of this camera series and how you’ll learn foundational filmmaking information, not just camera brands.

Length: 1:44 minutes

Video Lesson


Welcome to the beginner camera series. In this series of about 40 videos, we’re going to help you get beyond the basics so that you can start to make smarter choices when it comes to using your camera.

I’m not interested in showing you one specific technique that applies to one specific camera that gets quickly outdated. Instead, what I want to do is to teach you the theory and best practices that I’ve learned over my 15 plus years in the business so that you can work with any camera in any situation.

Topics We’ll Cover

In this series we begin by taking a look at the terms you need to understand, how they apply to your camera, and how you can use them to create better looking video.

Next we’ll take a close look at the heart and soul of the camera system–the body and lens–so that you can make smart decisions when it comes time to choose a camera for your production.

Then I’ll show you how to properly care for you camera so that it will last for years and allow you to deliver quality results.

After that I’ll show you how to properly expose your image and create looks through your exposure choices so that you can influence the emotions of your audience.

Because in the end, all of the technical choices we make should be in service to the story we are telling. It’s not about a bunch of cool shots; it’s about being an effective filmmaker. Which is why I’m going to end by helping you develop a routine that will set you up for success for every shoot you go on.

Oh, and all along the way I’ll be offering exercises for you to complete that will help you improve your skills and allow you to feel more confident in the choices you make.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work.

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Camera Exercise #2: The Best Fit Camera
Four Must Have Accessories (Camera Lesson 14)
Camera Exercise #3: Exposure Experimentation
Camera Exercise #4: Pulling Focus and Camera Routine
Staying Focused: Sharp Images (Camera Lesson 34)
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