Experiments help you prepare to try new things, which is a must in film.

LED Ribbon Lights: Flexibility In Creating Your Own Light

LED ribbon lights are thin, flexible and have limitless possibilities on-set to light your video projects. They now allow you to place light anywhere, including in the palm of an actor’s hand, a prop, or taped to a wall or railing. We cover how to work with ribbon LEDs, review three common brands along with their CRI values, and then suggest useful LED ribbon accessories.

The Problem With The Digital Camera Look & My Solutions To Correcting It

During the past decade digital cinema cameras seem to be more abundant than film cameras. However, now that we have easy access to digital cameras with these amazing specs, a new problem has (ironically) emerged: the images are actually too good. They are too clean. “Why is this a problem?” you may ask. Well, let me explain.

Untraditional Use Of Video: Motion Photography

Untraditional Use Of Video: Motion Photography Video – the word conjures up images of a TV, theater, or even YouTube. But thanks to the web, video content is no longer confined to the 4 boarders we are used to seeing. With a bit of creativity and technical know how, you can use video content to […]