Lighting For Extreme Frame Rates

(Cinematic Lighting Lesson 21)

Summary: Filming at high frame rates is quite similar to shoots at regular speeds, but the key differences sometimes hang people up. Ryan and Tim take you behind the scenes on three high speed shoots and show various ways to light them and things to look out for.

Length: 5:16 minutes

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With the rapid advanced in camera technology these days just about anybody can shoot high speed video. But with extreme frame rates comes some unique challenges. So we are going to take you behind the scenes on some of our high speed shoots and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Give Me Some Light!

24fps vs 400fps means 16x more light (LC121)

The biggest difference with lighting a high speed set is the amount of light you need to expose your set properly. As we covered in the camera foundations lessons, every time you double your framerate, you double the amount of light you need. So even at lower frame rates like 400 frames a second, you’ll need 16x more light than if you were shooting at 24 frames a second. That’s a lot of light. The other issue that you’ll run into…

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Lighting Diagrams

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Tools We Used

Camera / Audio

High Speed Cameras

Interview Camera Package

Behind the Scenes (BTS) Cameras

Lighting / Grip Gear

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