Camera Filtration: Overview

Summary: Overview of what we will cover in this section: what a filter is, what a filter does, and why they are important. We then will move on to to the types of filters and how they affect the image. Finally Ryan will share some of his filter recipes to help you see the impact of combining filters.

Length: 53 seconds

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Filtration Key Terms- Camera Lesson 15

Key Filtration Terms (Camera Lesson 15)

In this video we cover filtration terms you need to know: filter factor, filter grade, filtration for photography and filtration for cinematography (Part 01 of 10)
Advanced Exposure: Raw & Log

Advanced Exposure: Raw & Log (Camera Lesson 33)

Camera RAW and log settings throw additional considerations into the mix when it comes to exposing your film image properly. In this video Ryan shares what those considerations are and how they impact exposure choices for your film production.
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