Camera Filtration: Key Terms You Need To Know

Summary: Camera filters are used for many reasons: image/lighting control and creating a specific look. In this video we talk about: photography vs cinematography lenses, filter placement, mounting filters, and filter sizes/shapes. Two terms to know: filter factor and filter grade. Finally we wrap up discussing filter problems: image degradation and reflections.

Length: 6:05 minutes

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Crew Positions: Who's Who in Camera Department (Camera Lesson 19)

Who's Who In The Camera Department (Camera Lesson 19)

Ryan covers the different roles and responsibilities of the positions in the camera department: director of photography, camera operator, 1st assistant camera, 2nd assistant camera, digital media technician, digital image technician, and finally camera production assistant.
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    • Ryan E. Walters
      Ryan E. Walters says:

      Black Pro Mist (BPM) is a good option. Personally, I prefer filters like Digital Diffusion, Classic Soft, or Hollywood Blackmagic over BPM. I find BPM to be a bit too heavy handed for my tastes. But if you like the look, then it is another great way to soften up your image. :)


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