Camera Filtration: Key Terms You Need To Know

Summary: Camera filters are used for many reasons: image/lighting control and creating a specific look. In this video we talk about: photography vs cinematography lenses, filter placement, mounting filters, and filter sizes/shapes. Two terms to know: filter factor and filter grade. Finally we wrap up discussing filter problems: image degradation and reflections.

Length: 6:05 minutes

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Guide to Diffusion Filters

Guide to Diffusion Filtration

In this video we cover what you need to know about diffusion filtration for your camera so you can soften your image while keeping overall image sharpness.
Guide to Color Effects Filters

Guide to Color Effects Filtration

In this video Ryan covers what you need to know about color effects filtration--like coral and sepia--and why it this in-camera instead of in post-production.
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    • Ryan E. Walters
      Ryan E. Walters says:

      Black Pro Mist (BPM) is a good option. Personally, I prefer filters like Digital Diffusion, Classic Soft, or Hollywood Blackmagic over BPM. I find BPM to be a bit too heavy handed for my tastes. But if you like the look, then it is another great way to soften up your image. :)


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