Beyond Three-Point Lighting: Part 02

(Cinematic Lighting Lesson 06)

Summary: In Part 01 we covered side lighting and cross-key lighting as alternatives to using the (overused) three-point lighting method. In Part 02, we’ll show you key-side fill and the “Robert Richardson.”

Length: 5:05 minutes

Video Lesson

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Three-point lighting is a great place to start but it isn’t where you should end. In Part 01 we gave you a quick overview of what three-point lighting is and then we showed you cross-key lighting as well as side lighting. In this video, I’m going to give you two more approaches: the key-sde fill and the “Robert Richardson Lighting.”

Key-Side Fill

Key-side fill (LC106)

The key-side fill is one of my personal favorites for lighting a scene for two reasons: it feels more natural than the three-point method and it is easier to employ on set, allowing me to light faster. What’s not to like in a method that gives great results and is fast?

Key-side fill: separate lights, behind the scenes (LC106)

As the name suggests…

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Lighting Diagrams

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Tools We Used

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    Hi there, great videos – thanks. Where do you get your large diffusion from?
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